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MEMBERS: Parents and Children

1. Help each member to survive.

Provide each member with:
Medical Needs
Individual Survival Training
Travel Needs

The parents have the primary duty to provide all the goals. The children should not be free-loaders but must aid the parents. The parents have the duty to train the children so that the children eventually become skillful enough to provide their own personal needs without help from the parent.

In the animal kingdom the young become adults when they can provide their own food and shelter. In the human realm if the children do not learn to provide for their own needs, they are either lazy or spoiled or mentally deficient. In the human realm if the children do not learn to provide for their own survival needs, it may be due to parental neglect or incompetence.

The children have duties of Gratitude, Loyalty, and Subordination.
(Read my essay on Gratitude, Loyalty, and Subordination. )

It is NOT a duty of the parents to make sure the children do not get bored. Any human being who complains of being bored is guilty of mental laziness. Humans are in control of their own thoughts. They can use natural curiosity to remove boredom instantly.

With each duty comes a right. With each duty comes the right to perform that duty.
(Some humans who whine over their "rights" never mention their duties that go with those rights. Much of such whining is hypocritical.) However, freedom is not free. It requires effort to maintain it.

Under the United States Constitution, the most essential rights are the rights to Life, Liberty, and Property. We have families and governments to help the individual to protect these rights from wrong-doers. We need governments to act when the families are overwhelmed by wrong-doers.

Tom Plonski

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