by Tom Plonski

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Why do Christians go to church?

by Tom Plonski

Jesus never said I have to go to church. The Bible doesn't say I have to go to church. Why do I have to go to church?

Remember that love is measured by willing sacrifice. Christians go to church to demonstrate their gratitude and love of God. It is a sacrifice to go to church instead of sleeping late or doing something that would be more fun to do. Going to church instead is a way of showing our love of God by making the sacrifice of effort and time.

The Bible does say: "Remember the Lord's day. Keep it holy." A good way to "keep it holy" is to meet with other believers and worship the Lord together.Exodus 20:8

When Christians go to a public worship meeting in church, it is the same as standing up for Jesus. When Christians go to a public worship meeting in church, it is letting the whole world see that we believe in God, that we believe in Jesus, that we are Christians, and we accept Jesus as our Savior.

Practicing Christians go to a public worship meeting in church even though they know they may be ridiculed by non-believers. Again this requires willing sacrifice. Publicly accepting Jesus as our Savior might result in losing friendships or respect of relatives who are non-believers.

In some communities and in some times letting non-believers know we are Christians can have strong negative consequences. Non-believers might be in a position of power or influence. They might use their influence to deny a Christian an opportunity for advancement, job promotion, political office, etc. In some communities and times Christians were and still are treated as inferiors or outcasts.

Being a Christian also carries responsibilities. We have the responsibility to set a good example for fellow Christians.

It takes courage and sacrifice for Christians to go to church. It takes courage to let the world know that we are constant in accepting Jesus as our Savior.

Tom Plonski
November 2, 2003

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