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The Right Attitude
       Gratitude - Loyalty - Obedience
by Tom Plonski

We sometimes say, "That person has a bad attitude." Or we might say, "That person has a better attitude."

How can we recognize the RIGHT attitude?
        All wrong attitudes are unhealthy. The right attitude is a healthy attitude. The right attitude begins with gratitude. The right attitude is impossible without gratitude. So, when examining an attitude to see if it is healthy and good, look first to see if it exhibits gratitude.

What does GRATITUDE mean?
        Gratitude means you remember and are thankful for benefits received in the past. Gratitude has nothing to do with the future. Hoping for future benefits is not a part of gratitude. Gratitude only refers to the past. If you disregard previous benefits, you lose gratitude.

What does LOYALTY mean?
        If you are loyal to a person, then you will do him no harm and you will protect and defend him against those who want to do him harm.

What does OBEDIENCE mean?
        Obedience means you give up what you want to do and instead do what someone else wants you to do. True obedience leaves no room for whining. Whining represents reluctance. True obedience means replacing your will with someone else's will. There is no room for whining or complaining in true obedience.

This does not mean you have to like doing what you are doing in obedience. This only means you do it without whining or complaining. In true obedience you do not even think whining thoughts. This does not mean that you give up the right to express your thoughts. If you have a dislike for doing something you have been ordered to do, you may inform the person giving you the order. But you should inform him respectfully. Moreover, once your thought has been told to the person, do not keep repeating it. Informing him once is proper. Repeatedly informing him is whining.

Also, just because you have informed him of your dislike, this does not allow you to disobey. If a person has been rightfully placed in authority over you, then you are obliged to obey that person. (Unless, of course, you have been ordered to do something illegal or immoral. If you have been ordered to do something illegal or immoral, then you are obliged to disobey.)

Without gratitude, loyalty, and obedience, a person is worthless.

       Tom Plonski

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Tom Plonski
( Mr. Point-Ski )

    This is just a reminder that Christians have eleven Commandments. Moses brought us 10 and Jesus gave us one more. Do you know what the Eleventh Commandment is? I am surprised at how few Christians understand the New Commandment that Jesus gave us.

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